Burial & Final Expense Insurance

People who have lost a member of their family know how difficult loss can be. The emotions are overwhelming. However, often, there isn’t time to grieve because you need to quickly begin to deal with the financial implications.

The cost of a funeral can add up quickly. The last thing you or your family needs is to worry about is if you will be able to cover the funeral expenses. That is why planning ahead is critical.  Cremation can cost from $1000-$4000 or more!  Ask us why!   Full services from a funeral home can range from $8,000 and up!

Burial insurance or final expense insurance is a basic whole life insurance policy that typically covers people until they reach the age 100. It is an easy insurance to obtain.   Depending on the policy,  final expense insurance helps your family cover the expenses of a funeral and potentially other outstanding expenses.


We have 6 companies to shop policies for you!  They range from $2000-$40,000 and there are no exams or medical records drawn.  We have a short health quiz for you, and we will need to know all of your prescription medications.  Your acceptance is guaranteed, unless you have less than 6 months to live.

Expensive funerals
Funeral costs can add up, especially if you consider the different costs.


  • Funeral service
  • Cemetery plot and headstone
  • Cost of casket
  • Funeral procession

Miscellaneous costs
These costs can quickly add up, making burial insurance a smart and pre-emptive decision. Don't make your loved ones worry about costs when the only thing they should worry about is grieving.

Call today to learn about burial or final expense insurance policy so your family doesn’t have to worry about it tomorrow.